Closed Rhinoplasty

What is closed rhinoplasty?

This nose surgery, known as closed rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently used surgical techniques in recent years. In contrast to open surgery, there is no need to open the soft tissues inside the nose and the skin of the nose during closed surgery. The nose is not just bone, cartilage and skin. There are bonds that provide softness, mobility and make it look smooth. With this technique, both skin and soft tissue are damaged much less and without incising the ligaments at all, the operation is performed without flapping. For all these reasons, the patient’s recovery process is shortened. There is no scar left after surgery. Closed rhinoplasties are operated on every patient group, including revision surgeries, deviation surgeries.

How is closed rhinoplasty performed?

In closed nose surgery, all the incisions are made through the nostrils. In this way, suture marks do not occur as in open rhinoplasty at the tip of the nose. In closed rhinoplasty, general anesthesia is usually preferred. The operation takes approximately 2-2,5 hours.

The patient is kept in hospital overnight after the surgery. According to open surgery, the patient’s face is less bruised. Swelling in the face is normal. After the closed surgery, the plaster is removed on the seventh-eighth day. The plaster mentioned here is not a known type of plaster. It is defined as “thermoplastic sprit”. Most of the time, silicone leaf-shaped tampons are placed inside the nose. They are also removed on the third-fourth day. In general, the patient’s age, skin condition, health conditions, smoking does affect the healing process. When all conditions are normal, it looks like there was no surgery on the 12-13rd day. The full recovery period is 6 months.

There is a belief among the public that the nose may fall down after closed rhinoplasty. This is extremely wrong. There is no such risk if done in expert hands.

What are the advantages of closed rhinoplasty?

  • There will not be any scar.
  • The healing process is faster.
  • The skin and soft tissue are less damaged.
  • It is possible to provide an image as if there were no surgery after the surgery.

What are the points that the patient should be careful about after the surgery?

The first two days after surgery, the patient is recommended to lie slightly elevated and keep their heads high. The purpose of this is to prevent the swelling and bruising of the face, to make the blood go to the head less. Ice therapy is also recommended for the first 2 days. The first two days patient should not sleep on left or right side, glasses should not be worn for 4-6 weeks. Be careful not to wet the bands for 7-8 days. After the thermoplastic split is removed, a band is attached for two days. At the end of two days, the patient takes these bands out himself during the shower.

If the patient works at a desk, there is no harm in going with bandages on the 3th-4th day. If the do not prefer to go this way, they can start working at the end of 10-12 days.

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