Aesthetic Breast Surgery


Aesthetic Breast Surgery in Turkey

Cosmetic breast surgery in Turkey is becoming a popular destination for those seeking breast augmentation procedures, offering a combination of world-class medical expertise and affordability. Turkish clinics and surgeons are renowned for their ability to deliver natural and aesthetically pleasing results, whether it is breast augmentation, reduction or lift. Patients can enjoy a unique blend of medical excellence and the opportunity to recover in the beautiful landscapes of Turkey.

What is Aesthetic Breast Surgery?

Aesthetic breast surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that focuses on improving the appearance of the breasts to achieve the patient’s desired aesthetic goals. These operations include various aesthetic breast procedures such as breast augmentation, reduction and asymmetry correction. These surgical interventions are preferred both for cosmetic reasons and to relieve health problems such as back or neck pain.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery Candidates in Turkey

Ideal candidates for breast plastic surgery in Turkey are women with realistic expectations and in good general health. Those who meet the following criteria may be candidates who are considering this type of surgery:

  • Women who are dissatisfied with their breast size or shape, aiming to improve their appearance.
  • Women who have experienced severe weight loss, post-breastfeeding or loss of breast volume.
  • Those with asymmetrical nipples or uneven breasts.
  • Women with sagging breasts due to aging or genetics.
  • Women who are considering breast reconstruction or have undergone mastectomy or other breast surgeries.
  • Women who meet these criteria are suitable candidates to be considered for breast aesthetic surgery in Turkey.

What are the Aesthetic Breast Surgery Procedures in Turkey?

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a popular aesthetic procedure in Turkey that helps restore youthful firmness and shape to sagging breasts. This surgery involves removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue to create a more uplifted and youthful appearance. Many women in Turkey choose this procedure to regain their confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Breast Augmentation (boob job)

Breast augmentation, commonly known as a “boob job,” is one of the most sought-after aesthetic surgeries in Turkey. This procedure involves the placement of breast implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Whether for cosmetic reasons or to address asymmetry, Turkish women often opt for breast augmentation to achieve their desired look.

Breast Reduction (mammoplasty)

Breast reduction surgery, or mammoplasty, is a transformative procedure for women in Turkey who experience physical discomfort and emotional distress due to excessively large breasts. It involves removing excess breast tissue and reshaping the breasts to provide relief from issues like back pain, shoulder pain, and skin irritation, ultimately improving the overall quality of life.

Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)

Gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, is a common procedure for men in Turkey dealing with the enlargement of their breast tissue. This condition can affect self-esteem and body confidence. The surgery involves removing excess breast tissue to create a flatter and more masculine chest, helping men regain their self-assurance.

These aesthetic breast surgery procedures in Turkey are performed with precision and care, helping individuals achieve their desired breast appearance and improve their self-confidence and overall well-being.

How is Aesthetic Breast Surgery Performed in Turkey?

At Esteworld Turkey, aesthetic breast surgery is performed by our expert plastic surgeons in our state-of-the-art hospitals. The specific techniques and procedures used may vary depending on the patient’s goals and individual needs.

Breast aesthetic surgery in Turkey is a procedure performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 1 and a half hours, although it varies from person to person. Due to general anesthesia, the process of being put to sleep and being taken to the room can take up to 3-4 hours.

Such operations are performed depending on the patient’s wishes and breast aesthetic surgeries are performed using different implant models and volume options such as breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast lift.

Things to Consider Before and After Aesthetic Breast Surgery in Turkey

Before Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Planning Before Breast Aesthetics:

  • For breast aesthetic surgery, an experienced surgeon who knows breast anatomy well should be chosen first.
  • It is very important to be examined by at least 3-4 different physicians and to get different opinions about the surgery. This ensures that you get accurate information.
  • When planning breast aesthetics, it is important to listen to the patient’s complaints and perform a physical examination.
  • The patient’s problems such as breast asymmetry or size are addressed and solution plans are created.
  • The patient decides on the appropriate prosthesis options, taking into account body measurements, skin structure and rib cage.
  • The location of the incision is planned and marked according to the procedure to be performed.

Things to Consider Before Surgery:

  • It is necessary to give up alcohol and tobacco products for at least 3 weeks before surgery.
  • People who take medication, have bleeding problems or have serious health problems should definitely inform their doctor before the operation. This is important for the safety of the surgery.

By following these steps, you can enter breast aesthetic surgery prepared and safe.

After Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Hospital Process After Breast Aesthetic Surgery:

  • Since breast aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia, it is important that the patient is under observation in the hospital the first night after surgery.
  • Patients are discharged after the first day after surgery.

Control and Recovery Process:

  • One week after the surgery, the patients’ condition is checked by the doctor.
  • Two weeks later, patients can gradually start to return to social life.

By following these steps, you can have a healthy recovery process after breast aesthetic surgery.

Why should I have breast surgery in Turkey?

There are several reasons to consider having breast surgery in Turkey. First, Turkey is renowned for its world-class medical facilities and highly skilled plastic surgeons specializing in aesthetic breast procedures. Also, the cost of breast surgery in Turkey is often significantly more affordable than in many Western countries, without compromising on the quality of care. Patients also take advantage of the opportunity to recover in Turkey’s landscapes, combining a medical journey with a pleasant experience. Turkey’s warm hospitality and commitment to patient welfare provides a comfortable and supportive environment throughout the surgical process. Whether you are seeking breast augmentation, reduction, lift or any other aesthetic procedure, Turkey offers an attractive combination of medical expertise, cost-effectiveness and a pleasant recovery environment for a satisfying and successful experience

How Much Does Aesthetic Breast Surgery Cost in Turkey?

The cost of cosmetic breast surgery in Turkey can vary depending on several factors, including the breast surgery performed, the qualifications and reputation of the surgeon, the location of the clinic or hospital, and additional services provided. As a general guideline, cosmetic breast surgery in Turkey tends to be more affordable compared to many Western countries, making Turkey an attractive option for medical tourists.  While cost is an important factor, it is important to remember that patients should prioritize the expertise and credentials of the plastic surgeon and the quality of the medical facility to ensure a safe and successful outcome. It is imperative that patients considering aesthetic breast surgery in Turkey conduct thorough research and careful selection in order to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

You can contact Esteworld to get detailed information about 2024 aesthetic breast surgery prices in Turkey. Meet Esteworld’s expert plastic surgeons and achieve the results you want.