Important things to know before hair transplant surgery

  • What is hair transplantation?
  • What are the basic steps?
  • Which techniques are used?
  • Is hair transplant surgery painful?
  • How long does a hair transplant surgery take?

More details on hair transplant

  • What is DHI hair transplant?
  • What are the differences from other methods?
  • Is hair shaved in DHI technique?
  • Can the hair transplant be more compact with DHI?
  • What are the characteristics of the CHOI pen?

All The Details You’re Wondering About Breast Implants!

  • What is breast augmentation?
  • What are the prostheses like?
  • Can one breastfeed after the operation?
  • What are the risks that may occur?
  • What should be considered?

Meet the Laser Hair Growth

Laser beams penetrate under the skin to stimulate the inactive hair follicles and accelerate blood circulation, the development of new hair follicle and the thickening of thin hair provides benefit. The treatment strengthens existing hair, new hair grows and existing hair becomes more voluminous. Meet the hair laser, which provides a great deal of solutions, especially in women…

Laser Hair Growth Treatment


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