Eyelash Transplant in Turkey

Eyelashes are an important detail that offers an attractive frame to the gaze and complements facial beauty. However, eyelash loss may occur due to natural causes or some health problems. Instead of temporary solutions such as false eyelashes, eyelash transplant can be a solution that attracts the attention of those who take steps towards full, long and natural eyelashes. Eyelash transplant is one of the aesthetic applications that have increased in popularity in recent years and allows you to emphasise your eyes dramatically by giving your eyelashes the look you want. So, what is eyelash transplant, how is it done and what should be considered? Let’s take a detailed look at this aesthetic journey.

What is Eyelash Transplant? In Which Cases Is It Applied?

Eyelash transplant is a surgical cosmetic procedure performed to intensify and lengthen natural eyelashes or to replace lost eyelashes. In this procedure, usually the person’s own hair follicles or hair follicles (grafts) taken from external sources are transplanted to the eyelash roots. Eyelash transplant is generally preferred for aesthetic purposes and allows people to have more prominent and attractive eyelashes. In addition, eyelash transplant can also be preferred in the following cases:

  • If you have spilt or sparse eyelashes
  • In case of eyelash loss due to genetic factors
  • Trauma, after eyelid surgeries
  • It is preferred in permanent eyelash loss after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

With eyelash transplant, you can correct your eyelashes as you wish and make your eyes more attractive and striking.

How is eyelash transplant done?

FUE method is used in eyelash transplant. Here is the step-by-step eyelash transplant process:

  1. Detailed examination is performed. At this stage, the doctor evaluates the eyelash structure, health status and expectations of the person. 
  2. After the eyelash transplant decision, the most suitable donor area is selected.
  3. Local anaesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel pain during the eyelash transplant process. Suitable channels are opened in the area to be transplanted for the placement of the grafts taken.
  4. Fine-tipped hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area using micro motor devices.
  5. The hair follicles are carefully transferred to the area to be transplanted.
  6. Eyelash transplant is completed in a shorter time due to the limited amount compared to other transplant procedures.

What should be considered before and after eyelash transplant?

Things to Consider Before Eyelash Transplant

  • Alcohol and smoking should be limited or stopped before eyelash transplant. These substances may affect the healing process.
  • All medications used before eyelash transplant should be reported to the surgeon. If necessary, some medications should be discontinued or changed upon the surgeon’s recommendation.
  • A healthy diet and sufficient water consumption can positively affect the healing process. Diet should be organised according to the surgeon’s recommendations.

Things to Consider After Eyelash Transplant

  • Take care to rest for the first few days after the procedure. Rest your eyes and avoid excessive fatigue.
  • Do not rub your eyes and avoid excessive movements. Avoid contact with the eyes and care for them as recommended by your doctor.
  • Swelling and redness may be normal after the procedure. Try to reduce these effects with cold compresses or methods recommended by your doctor.
  • Do not use make-up, eyeliner and other cosmetic products for a certain period of time after eyelash transplant.
  •  Avoid swimming, heavy sports and intense exercises for a certain period of time after the procedure.

Why Should I Get Eyelash Transplant in Turkey?

There are many reasons to have eyelash transplant in Turkey. Firstly, eyelash transplant costs in Turkey are more affordable and competitive compared to other countries. High-quality healthcare services are offered at more accessible prices compared to other countries. In addition, Turkey has experienced and specialised doctors in the field of eyelash transplant. This is a guarantee of successful results and satisfaction. Another reason is Turkey’s geographical location.  Turkey is easily accessible from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, providing ease of travel for international patients. Cost-effectiveness, expertise, successful results and accessibility make Turkey a preferred destination for eyelash transplant.

Eyelash Transplant Cost in Turkey

Eyelash transplant costin Turkey vary depending on the experience of the doctor, the technology used and the location of the clinic. It is difficult to specify a clear price because personalised treatment plans and needs are among the important factors affecting prices. You can contact us directly for detailed price information.

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