FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE Hair Transplantation is a modern surgical technique that offers an effective and permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. This method, short for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is based on the removal and repositioning of individual hair follicles. Performed with a minimally invasive approach, this procedure is applied by advanced devices and specialised doctors to achieve natural and aesthetic results. Supporting the natural growth of hair, minimising tissue damage and fast recovery processes are among the reasons why FUE Hair Transplantation is preferred

What is FUE Hair Transplant? In which cases is it applied?

FUE Hair Transplantation stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is an effective surgical method used to deal with hair loss. In this method, individual hair follicles are taken from the donor area (usually the back of the nape) and transplanted to baldness or sparse hair areas. FUE Hair Transplantation is a solution for aesthetic concerns such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness or hair thinning. It is also an effective option in the treatment of conditions such as hair loss after injury, burn or surgical intervention.

Who Can FUE Hair Transplant Method Be Applied To?

FUE technique can be applied to individuals who have hair loss or sparse hair problems and want to regain their hair or improve their appearance. Here is detailed information about who the FUE Hair Transplantation method can be applied to:

  • The FUE method is an effective solution to hair loss problems in both men and women.
  • FUE hair transplantation can be applied in case of hair loss, which is common among men and progresses due to genetic factors.
  • Fue hair transplantation method is also used in cases of hair loss associated with factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, pregnancy or menopause in women.
  • Individuals with sparse hair or who want to increase the density of their hair can achieve natural and aesthetic results with fue hair transplantation.
  • FUE hair transplantation can be applied to treat hair loss after burns, accidental injuries or surgical interventions.
  • FUE hair transplantation method allows the transplantation of hair follicles with healthy hair follicles, usually taken from areas such as the back of the nape, to baldness or sparse hair areas in a natural way. However, before the application, the general health status and hair structure of the person are evaluated and suitable candidates are determined. 

Am I a Suitable Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant Treatment? 

The best approach is to consult a doctor directly to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for FUE hair transplantation treatment. However, in general, suitable candidates for fue hair transplantation are:

  • Individuals experiencing hair loss, sparse hair or baldness may be candidates for fue hair transplantation.
  • Individuals with a general health condition suitable for surgical intervention may be among the suitable candidates for fue hair transplantation.
  • Hair loss can lower the self-confidence of individuals. In this case, those who want to regain their hair or improve their aesthetic appearance can be evaluated for fue hair transplantation.
  • The donor area from which the hair follicles will be harvested (usually the back of the neck) should be capable of providing sufficient and appropriate quality hair follicles.
  • Candidates for FUE hair transplantation should have realistic expectations about the results and process of the procedure and should be familiar with the procedure.
  • Before being considered for FUE hair transplantation, it is important to consult a hair transplant specialist for a physical examination and evaluation. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you, taking into account your hair structure, general health status and expectations.

How is FUE Hair Transplant Performed?

The doctor meticulously examines the head, hair and facial structure of the person who will undergo hair transplantation. By making millimetric measurements, he determines the hairline and how many hair follicles are needed in which area to achieve the desired results. Determining the hairline correctly is of great importance for the transplanted hair to be indistinguishable from the person’s own hair in terms of naturalness. FUE hair transplantation, which consists of three stages: collecting hair follicles from the donor area (nape area), opening channels in the balding area and transplanting the collected follicles into these channels, must be performed by a doctor specialized in the field of hair transplantation and an experienced team with professional training in this field with synchronized teamwork.

1. Collection of hair follicles


After consultation and planning, the hair is shaved and the person is prepared for the hair transplant procedure. The donor area where the hair follicles will be collected is disinfected and anesthetized with local anesthesia. The reason for collecting hair follicles from the nape of the neck is that the follicles in this area have a very strong structure and never fall out. This ensures that the results of FUE hair transplantation are permanent. The healthiest and most suitable follicles are collected from the donor area with very fine-tipped micromotors. Collecting the roots from the channel (follicle) in which they are located, in accordance with the exit angle and without damage plays a major role in increasing the success rate of the hair transplantation process. At this stage, the doctor’s expertise and manual dexterity come into play. Healthy hair follicles are extracted from the donor area in accordance with the direction of origin, without breaking, damaging and damaging the follicles on the sides. If the donor area is suitable, 2000-2500 roots can be collected in one session. Each hair follicle contains approximately 2.7 hair strands. This means that approximately 6 thousand strands of hair are transplanted in one hair transplant operation. While the team meticulously collects the hair follicles, they quickly clean them and place them in a special solution.

2. Opening the channels in the area to be transplanted

In the second stage of the FUE hair transplantation technique, the area where the transplantation will be performed, that is, where the channels will be opened, is sterilized and anesthetized with local anesthesia. The doctor opens very small microchannels in the area where hair transplantation will be performed with pen-shaped steel slits (openers), in the number determined and at an angle suitable for the natural growth direction of the hair. These invisibly small channels heal a few days after the transplantation; after a maximum of ten days, there is no trace of the procedure.

3. Transplanting the collected roots into the opened channels

The hair follicles collected in FUE hair transplantation are transplanted one by one, in accordance with the natural growth direction of the channels opened and the hairs in that area, with the meticulousness of a jewelry master. In this process, which requires a lot of attention, the synchronized work of the team and the dexterity of the hand are of great importance.

In FUE hair transplantation, all these procedures are completed on the same day, within 7-8 hours. The person can easily return to his/her social life on the day of hair transplantation if he/she has no aesthetic concerns.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment Types

Fue hair transplantation, one of the new hair transplantation methods, has different techniques. The best fue hair transplantation methods are as follows:

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE is a technique that uses sapphire-tipped blades, a special tool used in the process of removing hair follicles. Sapphire blades, thanks to their sharpness and sensitivity, allow for thinner and more precise hair channels. This can help to achieve natural and aesthetic results.

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation

Micro FUE allows the harvesting and transplantation of hair follicles with smaller and finer-tipped versions of the instruments used in the traditional FUE method. This technique is less invasive and can speed up the healing process and leave minimal scars.

Bio FUE Hair Transplant

Bio FUE is a technique in which biological solutions or special mixtures are used to extract hair follicles. These solutions can promote hair growth by nourishing, strengthening and better rooting of hair follicles. Bio FUE is used to improve hair transplantation results.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation is a popular treatment option for individuals experiencing hair loss and has a number of advantages. Here are some advantages of FUE hair transplantation treatment:

  • FUE Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive technique. The process of removing and transplanting hair follicles through small micro punctures shortens the surgical intervention and recovery time.
  • No stitches or incisions are made during the FUE procedure. Therefore, no suture scar is formed. At the same time, the scars of the hair follicles are very small and heal quickly.
  • FUE hair transplantation allows the hair follicles to be taken and transplanted one by one. This ensures that the hair has a natural density and distribution, making the results look natural.
  • FUE is suitable for different hair types and colours. This method provides suitable results for people with different hair colours and thicknesses.
  • FUE hair transplantation is associated with minimal pain and discomfort. Performed under local anaesthesia, this procedure can often be a very comfortable experience for patients.
  • The recovery process after FUE hair transplantation is usually fast. It is possible to return to normal daily activities within a few days after the operation.
  • The donor area from which the hair follicles are taken heals faster in the FUE method and usually returns to its normal appearance after a short time.

FUE Hair Transplantation allows the hair follicles to be carefully selected and placed, which allows the procedure to be personalised and to achieve results that suit the needs of each patient.

What Should Be Considered After FUE Hair Transplant?

Things to be considered after FUE hair transplantation and suggestions for the healing process:

  • The hair transplantation area should not be touched for the first 2 days after the operation.
  • The first washing is usually done on the 2nd or 3rd day and this process should be carried out by the specialist in accordance with the instructions.
  • For 15 days after the operation, you should sleep on your back with a high and soft pillow to avoid swelling of the head and obstruction of blood circulation.
  • After the first wash, it is important to gently dry the washed area. Excessive rubbing and friction should be avoided.
  • Hair can be washed 2-3 times a week, but the hair should be allowed to dry
  • Heavy exercises and sports activities should be avoided for the first 15 days after the operation.
  • Activities that may cause excessive sweating and overheating of the body should be avoided.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed for at least one week after the operation, because these substances may adversely affect the healing process.
  • Care should be taken to eat a healthy and balanced diet after hair transplantation. A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is important.
  • Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures should be avoided for the first 15 days after the operation.
  • A hat or headscarf should be used to protect the head from the sun.
  • You should use the medicines recommended by your doctor regularly and continue the treatment as recommended.
  • In the first weeks, the operation area should not be touched in order not to prevent the healing of the stitches and hair follicles.
  • Post-operative controls should be done regularly and your doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

Why Should I Choose Turkey for FUE Hair Transplant?

Turkey has become a preferred destination for FUE hair transplantation because the country offers high quality hair transplantation services with its modern medical infrastructure, experienced surgeons and competitive prices. Turkish clinics and hospitals provide services at international standards, while at the same time providing facilities such as accommodation, transfer and counselling for foreign patients. Turkey is also known as a centre with surgeons who specialise in hair transplantation and have extensive experience, which means reliable and successful results for patients.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 

FUE hair transplantation prices in Turkey vary depending on several factors. These factors include the degree of hair loss of the patient, the size of the area to be transplanted, the number of hair follicles, the experience of the surgeon and the preferred clinic or hospital. An individual consultation and evaluation process is usually required for a treatment plan and pricing that meets the needs and expectations of the patients.

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FUE is a hair transplant method in which hair follicles are taken one by one, under local anaesthesia, hair follicles are taken with micromotors and transplanted to the area to be transplanted.

In FUE, the hair follicles are taken one by one, while in FUT, the scalp is taken in a strip and the hair follicles are separated from this strip.

Since local anaesthesia is applied, minimal pain is felt during the FUE procedure.

The time to get the targeted results in hair transplantation varies depending on your hair and skin structure, your age and the rate of hair loss. The transplanted hair begins to show itself in about three months. Within 6-7 months, 70% of the hair grows. Although the hair varies from person to person, it takes its final form as planned in about a year. The application of supportive hair treatments after hair transplantation accelerates this process.

The healing process usually starts within 1-2 weeks, there may be crusting in the first days, but it improves over time.

FUE hair transplantation is permanent; transplanted hair follicles grow and grow.

People who experience hair loss and have sufficient amount of hair follicles are suitable candidates for FUE hair transplantation method.

You should perform hair care by taking into account the recommendations of your doctor.

In FUE, the scar is minimal and usually invisible and decreases with the healing process.

Minimal risks include infection, crusting, swelling and tenderness.

Fue hair transplant Turkey is favoured for offering high quality hair transplantation with experienced surgeons, modern facilities and competitive prices.

FUE hair transplantation is usually completed within a day.

It is usually sufficient to stay in Turkey for 3-4 days for FUE hair transplantation treatment.

FUE hair transplantation costs vary according to individual needs, vary according to clinics

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