Silver Crown Tooth in Turkey

A silver crown is a dental crown that covers the upper part of a tooth and is made of materials such as silver or a silver alloy. Silver crowns can be used to address specific dental problems or for preventive purposes.

What is Silver Crown Teeth? In Which Situations Is It Applied?

A silver crown is a crown that covers and protects the upper surface of the tooth. It is durable because it is made of metals such as silver or silver alloy. It usually attracts attention with its silver color, so it is aesthetically less preferred than other options.

Silver crowns can be preferred for the following situations:

  • It can be used to protect the tooth while waiting for a more permanent dental restoration procedure.
  • If there is a high risk of cracking or fracture of the teeth, silver crowns may be preferred due to their durability.
  • It can be preferred to protect the front teeth instead of being used especially on the back teeth or invisible areas.

How is Silver Crown Dental Veneers Applied?

  • The dentist can correct the shape of the affected tooth and, if necessary, remove damaged tooth tissue. The shaping of the tooth is necessary for the silver crown to fit on the tooth.
  • The dimensions of the shaped tooth are taken and an impression is taken. These impressions are sent for use in the laboratory.
  • A temporary crown can be applied to protect the tooth. This temporary crown protects the tooth for the duration of the silver crown preparation.
  • A special crown made of silver or silver alloy is prepared in the laboratory. This crown is custom-made according to the size and shape of the tooth.
  • The prepared silver crown is placed on the tooth and permanently bonded. The dentist makes sure that the crown fits properly and harmonizes perfectly with the tooth.
  • The dentist smooths the edges of the crown and checks the tooth. He or she also removes any excess on the tooth.

A silver crown is an option that provides durability while protecting the tooth. However, it may not be aesthetically preferred because the silver color does not match natural teeth. For this reason, it is often used as a temporary solution or to provide temporary protection until a more permanent solution is found.

What are the Advantages of Silver Crown Teeth?

  • Silver crowns are very durable and can last a long time. This is especially important when they are used on the back teeth, as more chewing force acts on these teeth.
  • Silver crowns are generally more affordable than other restoration options. Therefore, they can be a suitable option for patients with a limited budget.
  • Silver crowns can be applied quickly. The dentist can complete the preparation and installation procedures in a relatively short period of time.

Why Should I Get Silver Crown Teeth in Turkey?

Opting for a silver crown in Turkey can be a wise choice due to the country’s reputation for providing quality dental care at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries. Turkey is renowned for its skilled dentists, modern facilities, and affordability, making it a hub for dental tourism. Choosing a silver crown in Turkey allows you to access top-notch dental services while enjoying cost savings, which can be particularly beneficial for parents seeking affordable and durable solutions for their children’s dental needs.

How much does a silver crown cost in Turkey?

The cost of silver crowns in Turkey can vary depending on the type of material used, the location of the dental clinic and the treatment requirements. This affordability makes Turkey a popular destination for dental tourism, offering high-quality dental treatment and opportunities for savings.

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