Moustache Transplant

Moustache Transplant in Turkey

The moustache has been an important part of personal style for men for centuries. Some people may experience sparseness or loss in the moustache area due to genetic factors, hormonal changes or other reasons. Moustache transplant is an effective solution to address these aesthetic concerns and achieve the desired moustache appearance. In this article, we will explore the details of the moustache transplant procedure and how this popular aesthetic application is performed.

What is Moustache Transplant? In Which Situations Is It Applied?

Moustache transplant is a plastic surgery procedure performed by using hair transplant methods in the moustache area. It is generally applied to eliminate aesthetic problems caused by moustache sparseness or irregular moustache structure:

  • Complete rootiness in the moustache area, 
  • Sparseness, 
  • Tissue loss due to trauma or 
  • It is preferred for situations such as creating a moustache for purely cosmetic purposes. It can also be combined with other procedures such as beard or sideburn transplant.

Moustache transplant is usually applied to individuals over the age of 24, because this age is preferred because people have completed their hormonal development. Since the completion of the puberty process may take up to 20s, this age is waited to give an opportunity for moustache formation naturally. This procedure can provide people with the mustache appearance they want by eliminating aesthetic concerns.

How is moustache transplant done? Which Techniques Are Used?

Moustache transplant is performed by adapting the technology and techniques in hair transplant operations to the moustache area. The most commonly used methods include FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). With these methods, hair follicles are implanted into the area where there is no moustache or sparse hair by using the appropriate hair transplant technique. Thanks to this procedure, successful hair follicle development and natural moustache formation are achieved. The step-by-step moustache transplant process is as follows:

Step 1: Consultation with a specialist surgeon or dermatologist. The patient’s moustache wishes and expectations are evaluated. In addition, the health history is examined and the moustache area is evaluated in detail.

Step 2: Donor areas to receive hair follicles for moustache transplant are determined. Generally, the nape area is used for this purpose. Hair follicles taken from the nape area usually have suitable characteristics for moustache.

Step 3: The hair follicles taken from the donor area are removed one by one with special tools. These follicles usually contain single, double or triple hair follicles.

Step 4: Channels are opened in the moustache area where hair follicles will be placed. These channels are created to mimic the shape and natural appearance of the moustache.

Step 5: The extracted hair follicles are placed in the previously prepared channels. The hair follicles are placed in accordance with the natural moustache shape and layout.

Step 6: After the operation, the patient should take care of the moustache area for a certain period of time, take proper care and wait for healing.

Moustache Transplant Cost

Moustache transplant cost vary depending on the method of moustache transplant, the number of grafts, the experience of the doctor, the technology used and the location of the clinic. It is difficult to specify a clear price because personalised treatment plans and needs are one of the important factors affecting prices. You can contact us directly for detailed price information.

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