VIP Hair Transplant Treatments

VIP hair transplantation is a fast and comfortable way especially for individuals who want to have hair transplantation and are busy in work life . In Esteworld’s VIP hair transplantation performed by Dr. Burak Tuncer, Robotic Hair surgery, which is the most advanced method, is performed. In the manual FUE method, transplants are performed with the experienced team of Dr. Burak Tuncer.In this application, with 3D technology, how many follicles the person needs for hair transplantation, where the hair line will start and the possible results after transplant will be determined. Then, robotic hair surgery stages are followed. Hair transplantation is a special procedure that is preferred by businessmen, company managers, athletes and artists, especially with tight schedule, which is applied completely exclusively to the individual in a comfortable environment.Both the procedure and the post-transplant follow-up is made by Dr.Burak Tuncer and his experienced team. Dr. Burak Tuncer allows the patient to decide on the drawing of the front line plan, followed from the beginning to the end. The channel opening process is done in person with his own experience. Dr. Burak Tuncer follows up his patients 1-1, 5 years after the procedure.

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