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Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of transferring fat with special methods from one part of the body to another with special cannulas.

It is possible to apply this on all the appropriate areas needed in the body. Cheek, cheekbones, gonion region, hands, breasts, legs, etc.

The injected fat cells can survive in the region where they are transferred at various rates. This rate varies from person to person, but may be 20-50 percent. The permanence rate varies depending on where fat injection is applied. In immobilized areas such as the cheek area, the body remains more stable after injection, while in moving areas such as the leg region has lower permanency rate.

The duration of fat keeping in the body after the fat injection is determined after about 6 months. Sometimes a second or third injection is needed.

Fat injection is performed on deep wrinkles, body scars, correcting body contours, providing cheek fullness, cheek bone crystallizing, medial cleft filling. In this way, more alive, fuller, aesthetically better appearance is ensured.

Since it is the patient's own tissue, no allergic reaction occurs.

What are the points to consider after the surgery?

The patient is usually discharged on the day of surgery. If a large amount of injection is applied to the area, they stay in hospital for one more day.

There is no excessive pain experienced after surgery. Swelling and bruising is seen in the injection area. This condition returns to normal within 7-10 days.

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