Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Afro hair stands out with its unique texture and curly hair structure. Hair loss or sparse hair problems can also be seen in afro hair structure. Afro hair transplant is an effective solution to fill sparse areas and restore the natural curly hair structure by preserving this unique hair structure. Discover the afro hair transplant option to have fuller, natural and healthy hair.

What is Afro Hair Transplant? 

Afro hair transplant is a hair transplant technique suitable for individuals of African origin known for their curly and unique texture. Afro hair transplant is used to solve hair loss, sparse hair and hairline problems, increase hair density or improve aesthetic appearance by preserving the natural hair structure. This technique ensures successful results with the experience and expertise of hair transplant specialists.  This method is designed to preserve the curly structure of the hair follicles and achieve aesthetic results.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Afro Hair Transplant?

Afro hair transplant is a suitable option for individuals of African descent or Afro-Asiatic race who have curly and spiral hair structure and experience hair loss or sparseness. This procedure is recommended for those who want to achieve successful results by preserving the natural hair structure and taking into account the curly texture. Afro hair transplant is a customised hair transplant technique that can be applied according to different needs and expectations for men and women.

Afro Hair Transplant for Women 

Afro hair transplant is a suitable option for women with spiral and curly hair structure. Especially women who experience hair loss due to hair loss, sparseness or changes in the natural structure of the hair can benefit from afro hair transplant. This procedure helps women to regain curly and spiral hair in accordance with their natural hair structure. It can be preferred to correct the hairline, increase the volume of the hair or provide aesthetic satisfaction.

Afro Hair Transplant for Men

Afro hair transplant for men is an option for people with afro hair structure and hair loss. Afro hair transplant should be performed to increase the density of hair in areas where hair loss is evident, to correct the hairline or to fill sparse areas. This also helps men to regain their natural and curly hair structure.

What are Afro Hair Types?

Afro hair types are generally classified into three main categories: “curly,” “coiled,” and “curly-coiled”. Each category can also vary within itself. Here are the main categories of these hair types:

Curly Hair (Type 3):

  • Curly hair is a hair type with distinct curls.
  • Curly hair can often be in the form of larger and wider waves.
  • This hair type is usually voluminous and full.

Coiled Hair (Type 4):

  • Spiral hair is a hair type with tight and spiral curls.
  • This hair type has a tighter, spiral and more pronounced structure than curly hair.
  • It usually has a dense and voluminous appearance.

Curly-Hair Mix (Type 3c, 4a, 4b):

  • Curly-hair blend hair types combine the characteristics of curly and spiral hair.
  • Type 3c: A mixture of pronounced curls and tight spiral curls.
  • Type 4a: It has a hair structure with pronounced curly and spiral curls.
  • Type 4b: It is a hair type in which tight and spiral curls predominate.

What is the Best Hair Transplant Method for Afro Hair Types?

The most suitable hair transplant method for Afro hair types is usually the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. FUE is an effective and precise technique commonly used to extract and transplant individual hair follicles for hair transplant. It can be applied taking into account the curly and spiral nature of Afro hair structure and can provide results suitable for this hair type. Here are some reasons why the FUE method is suitable for Afro hair types:

  • In Afro hair types, hair follicles can often be more curly and spiral. FUE preserves the natural structure of such hair follicles by precisely collecting them.
  • FUE method provides natural and aesthetic results in afro hair types.
  • The FUE method leaves minimal surgical scars as it takes one by one from the donor area and these scars become invisible over time.
  • The FUE method is a particularly suitable and effective method to increase the natural density of the hair. It can increase the density of hair transplant taking into account the curly hair structure.

How is Afro Hair Transplant Applied?

Afro hair transplant is a hair transplant technique specially applied to achieve results suitable for Afro hair types by preserving the natural curly and spiral structure of the hair follicles. Here are the basic steps on how Afro hair transplant is applied:

  • Examination and Evaluation: 

The hair transplant process begins with the evaluation of the patient’s hair structure. The hair transplant specialist evaluates the hair structure, hair density, hair loss and general health status.

  • Individual Planning: 

A plan suitable for Afro hair structure is created. The hair transplant specialist plans the amount and location of the hair follicles to be taken, taking into account the natural curly structure of the hair.

  • Donor Area Determination: 

The hair follicles required for hair transplant are usually taken from the nape area (donor area). Hair follicles in this area are generally more permanent than in other areas.

Collection of Hair Roots (FUE Method):

With the FUE method, the hair transplant specialist precisely extracts individual hair follicles (grafts) from the donor area.

In accordance with the curly and spiral hair structure, the collection of hair follicles is done carefully.

  • Channel Opening:

The extracted hair follicles are placed in the channels opened in accordance with the areas where they will be transplanted.

At this stage, it is important to correctly determine the channels opened according to the natural curly structure of the hair.

  • transplant of Hair Roots:

The collected hair follicles are carefully placed in the previously opened channels.

Transplanting the hair follicles in the correct position and angle ensures natural-looking results.

  • Final Control and Care Instructions:

After the procedure, the patient is given detailed instructions about the care and healing process after hair transplant.

If necessary, control appointments are arranged at certain intervals and the healing process is monitored.

What are the Advantages of Afro Hair Transplant?

  • Natural and permanent results are obtained with transplants suitable for Afro hair structure.
  • Precise techniques are used for curly and spiral hair.
  • Minimal scars are left using the FUE method.
  • Afro hair transplant allows to have fuller hair by increasing hair density. This allows the person’s self-confidence to increase.

What Should Be Considered Before-After Afro Hair Transplant?

Things to Consider Before Afro Hair Transplant

  • An expert and experienced hair transplant specialist should be selected.
  • Personal hair condition should be evaluated and appropriate planning should be made.
  • Smoking and alcohol use should be avoided before hair transplant.
  • Medications should be arranged under the supervision of a doctor before hair transplant.
  • Healthy nutrition and hair hygiene should be taken into consideration before hair transplant.

Things to Consider After Afro Hair Transplant

  • The instructions recommended by the doctor should be followed meticulously.
  • After Afro hair transplant, you should rest and avoid heavy activities.
  • It is important to cover the head with a protective bandage or special hat and protect it from the sun.
  • Regular medical check-ups should be made and follow-up treatments should be performed if necessary.

Why Should I Get an Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are many reasons to have an afro hair transplant in Turkey. Firstly, hair transplant costs in Turkey are more affordable and competitive compared to other countries. High-quality health services are offered at more accessible prices compared to other countries. In addition, Turkey has experienced and specialised doctors in the field of afro hair transplant. This is a guarantee of successful results and satisfaction. Another reason is Turkey’s geographical location.  Turkey is easily accessible from Europe, Asia and the Middle East and provides ease of travel for international patients. Cost-effectiveness, expertise, successful results and accessibility make Turkey a preferred destination for afro hair transplant.

Afro Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 

Turkey afro hair transplant cost vary according to the hair transplant method, the number of grafts, the experience of the doctor, the technology used and the location of the clinic. Since personalised treatment plans and needs are one of the important factors affecting prices, it is difficult to determine a clear price. You can contact us directly for detailed price information.

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