TDF ( Two Days Fue ) Hair Transplant

Hair is an indispensable part of personal aesthetics for many people. However, hair loss can negatively affect the quality of life. TDF (Trichophytic Donor FUE) hair transplantation is an innovative method that offers solutions to these aesthetic problems.

What is TDF (Two Days FUE) Hair Transplantation?

TDF (Two Days Fue) method is the current technology used in hair transplantation.  TDF performs this procedure with a special technique called “trichophytic closure” in order to minimise stitch marks and achieve a natural appearance. In this technique, the incisions and stitches made for the hair follicles taken from the donor area are customised in accordance with the natural direction of hair growth. In this way, suture scars are minimised and more natural results are obtained. TDF Hair Transplantation offers a solution to the problem of hair loss with an aesthetic and minimally invasive approach. In this method, two sessions of transplantation are performed two days in a row for men with excessive hair loss. There is no need to wait 6-8 months between the procedures as in other techniques. It is successfully applied in cases where the front and back areas of the hair, called “Demirel Head”, are completely open.  TDF hair transplantation is an extremely effective method for people who cannot find the opportunity to have hair transplantation due to their busy work life and who prefer to return to work life in a short time after hair transplantation.

How is TDF Hair Transplantation Performed?

  1. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. 
  2. During hair transplantation, the donor area is first divided into two as right and left. The hair strands in the right area are taken and transplanted to the first half of the balding area. 
  3. For the remaining open area, channels are opened where the hair will be placed. Thus, half of the procedures are completed on the first day.
  4.  On the second day, hair follicles are taken from the left side of the donor area. They are placed in the channels opened the day before.

In hair transplantation, approximately 4,200-4,300 roots are added in one day. Considering that one root contains an average of 2.7 strands, 10,000-11,000 hair strands are transplanted per day. In cases where the front, back and middle hair area of the person is completely open like the palm of the hand, it is not possible to reach the desired density with a one-day transplantation. Patients with this type of hair sparseness regain their hair completely at the end of a two-year transplantation process. 


  1. With the TDF method, 2,500-3,000 roots are taken on the first day and transferred to the anterior region. 
  2. On the second day, roots are collected from the left donor area and added to the crown area. Thus, it is possible to add 6,000-6,500 roots at the end of two days in total. In this way, hair transplantation is performed to the entire front, middle and back hair area of the patient within a two-day period. 

What are the Advantages of Two Days FUE Hair Transplantation?

  • Compared to traditional FUE methods, the procedure is completed within two days. This can be a more practical option for patients by providing faster access to hair transplantation.
  • The procedure spread over two days means better planning and attention. The time allocated each day allows surgeons and the team to work more carefully and perform the procedure in the best way.
  • Thanks to the trichophytic closure technique, the healing process in the donor area is accelerated. Since suture scars are minimal, patients can return to their normal lives faster.
  • The fact that hair follicles are not kept in the external environment for a long time can increase the vitality and success rate of the follicles. This helps to minimise hair loss.
  • The two-day process allows the hair follicles to stay outside for a shorter period of time. This contributes to a natural appearance in the transplanted areas.
  • TDF is suitable for different hair types and hair loss levels. It can offer solutions suitable for individual needs.

Why Should I Get a TDF Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are many reasons to have a TDF hair transplant in Turkey. Firstly, TDF hair transplantation costs in Turkey are more affordable and competitive compared to other countries. High-quality health services are offered at more accessible prices compared to other countries. In addition, Turkey has experienced and expert doctors in the field of TDF hair transplantation. This is a guarantee of successful results and satisfaction. Another reason is Turkey’s geographical location.  Turkey is easily accessible from Europe, Asia and the Middle East and provides ease of travel for international patients. Cost-effectiveness, expertise, successful results and accessibility make Turkey a preferred destination for TDF hair transplantation.

TDF Hair Transplant Cost

Two days fue hair transplantation prices vary depending on the hair transplantation method, the number of grafts, the experience of the doctor, the technology used and the location of the clinic. It is difficult to specify a clear price because personalised treatment plans and needs are among the important factors affecting prices. You can contact us directly for detailed price information.

You can contact Esteworld for detailed information about 2023 TDF hair transplant prices. Meet Esteworld’s expert hair doctors and achieve the permanent results you want.

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